legal aid

Immigrant advocates say the government is legally required to provide these services.
Ending family separation will require short-term triage and long-term electoral action. Here are five specific things you can do.
"We’re dealing with folks who can’t afford attorneys, who just don’t even know where to turn," one lawyer says.
Fewer than 1 percent of people in police custody in Cook County ever speak with an attorney.
By ensuring that the most vulnerable members of an already vulnerable community have the legal representation they need and deserve, civil legal aid organizations play a vital role in advancing LGBT rights.
Civil legal aid organizations are in the business of advancing one of the biggest, boldest ideas ever conceived in our nation's history: justice for all. It's an idea with roots in our country's founding principle that we are all equal participants in our society and thus deserving of equal rights, opportunities, and the protections of the law.
Legal advocacy for the vulnerable is absolutely critical to protecting human rights and accessing justice. In Tunisia, many of the accused have been in custody for days or even weeks before they are appointed a lawyer.
Indeed, to move toward prevention, we in the civil legal aid community need our own version of the ACA. We need the incentive to change and the resources to develop the roadmap for that change.
Not all of us are lucky enough to breathe freely during the holidays, on Super Bowl Sunday, and every other day of the year. The victims of domestic violence in communities across the U.S. deserve legal assistance so that to ensure they are safe and secure.
Drug treatment courts are a feel good innovation for advocates of criminal justice reform that is misleading the public into believing that judges are wiser than doctors concerning the treatment of those with substance use disorder.