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Alexis was seven and a half when #FIRES hit. Febrile Infection-Related Epilepsy Syndrome is a rare epilepsy syndrome causing up to hundreds of seizures a day. Her mom shared her daughter's story.
Much of the hoopla around the emerging cannabis industry is focused on tax revenue, with states and cities counting the cash (and without banking access, it's literally cash) that comes with the legal retail sale of cannabis. However, beyond just tax dollars, this industry has value, and it lies in opportunity, empowerment, and self-determination.
Myths around marijuana have created a great deal of injury. People's lives have been destroyed due to arrest records. We've deprived countless patients from a helpful medicinal plant.
"It's a little more liberal there than in Anchorage," he said. "They have a history up there of growing some well-known strains
The predicament underscores the growing pains legalization advocates and policymakers face in figuring out the best ways
$105 million: The estimated annual sales tax revenue generated by medical marijuana dispensaries in California, according
Any day now, Alabama -- which was ranked the most conservative state in the country by Gallup last year -- will become the first state in the South to legalize a type of medicine derived from marijuana.
State Sen. Tom Davis introduced a bill that would allow the use of cannabidiol for seizure treatment. Jeanne Kuhn, the namesake
A bill that would significantly reduce penalties for possessing and growing marijuana was overwhelmingly approved by the
Kahl says he kept the bill's focus as narrow as possible in order to get it passed. Because any measure that allows for weed