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Alexis was seven and a half when #FIRES hit. Febrile Infection-Related Epilepsy Syndrome is a rare epilepsy syndrome causing up to hundreds of seizures a day. Her mom shared her daughter's story.
Much of the hoopla around the emerging cannabis industry is focused on tax revenue, with states and cities counting the cash (and without banking access, it's literally cash) that comes with the legal retail sale of cannabis. However, beyond just tax dollars, this industry has value, and it lies in opportunity, empowerment, and self-determination.
Myths around marijuana have created a great deal of injury. People's lives have been destroyed due to arrest records. We've deprived countless patients from a helpful medicinal plant.
"It's a little more liberal there than in Anchorage," he said. "They have a history up there of growing some well-known strains
The predicament underscores the growing pains legalization advocates and policymakers face in figuring out the best ways
An employee at a Colorado grow house waters pot plants. (AP Photo/Brennan Linsley) $98 million: The total tax revenue that
Any day now, Alabama -- which was ranked the most conservative state in the country by Gallup last year -- will become the first state in the South to legalize a type of medicine derived from marijuana.
"It is good to see more legislators are recognizing that marijuana has medical benefits, but unfortunately many of these
Also unclear is whether the state's Republican governor, Scott Walker, would sign it. Walker said recently that Wisconsin
Efforts to ease Jamaica's anti-weed laws have been in the works for more than a decade. A government-appointed commission
Minnesota will consider passing legislation to legalize the medical use of marijuana, but police agencies are standing in the way.
As a result, Melin has said she may draft a compromise bill to legalize marijuana extracts in pill or liquid form. While
"These data suggest that cannabinoids [the active chemicals in marijuana] are potentially useful to delay the retinal degeneration
Because of limits on the number of dispensaries allowed by law (only 35 are permitted in the first year), licenses to do
The state handed out its first 20 dispensary licenses Jan. 31. The law requires every county to have such a dispensary. "We
The way such companies are able to deliver weed with impunity seems incredible to some. "I'm amazed these services are allowed
Kentucky residents may be more supportive of the measure. According to a poll released in May, 78 percent of the state's
In Missouri, which has some of the nation's harshest marijuana laws, there are two separate efforts underway to legalize marijuana for recreational use.
Currently in Missouri, you can spend up to a year in prison for possession of a single joint, even if it's your first offense