Legal Services Corporation

It is time for an urgent clarion call. Given the retrograde pits inhabited by our ruling politicians and the avaricious over
Nearly everyone agreed that equal access to the courts is valuable, even foundational, to our justice system. Until now.
"We’re dealing with folks who can’t afford attorneys, who just don’t even know where to turn," one lawyer says.
Cuts to everything from free legal aid to heating assistance would hurt those most vulnerable.
If the Trump administration gets its way, the Legal Services Corporation is getting the axe.
As the justice gap in this country continues to grow, there is a tremendous and growing need for lawyers willing to forgo
Now is the time to begin uniting the Democratic Party and reaching out to independents who share your understanding that Republicans Donald Trump or Ted Cruz would be a disaster for the nation.
The debate over whether it is okay for women to vote for Hillary because she is a woman is really typical of the sexism women
Hillary Clinton understands different times require different solutions. She has lived her life by a set of principles and convictions formed as a young woman who learned from her mother when life presents you with challenges you must work hard to overcome them to thrive.
The following is a version of what I would like to hear Hillary Rodham Clinton say as she announces her Presidential campaign. A campaign that will lead this brilliant accomplished woman to being sworn in as the nation's 45th President.
If we are going to have a discussion about Hillary Clinton's legal career, then let's be sure the whole story is told - one that explains both her commitment and her pioneering advocacy for abused children and the indigent in need of counsel.
"No other branch of government has lost that percentage of their staff," Broderick lamented. "We are down about 12 percent
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