legal weed

A majority of Americans want each state to decide its own marijuana laws and don't want federal interference with those that legalize cannabis.
The former Texas congressman wants to grant clemency for marijuana possession sentences and give most weed business licenses to minority-owned shops.
At midnight, Canadians were legally able to buy weed for the very first time.
The Oakland-based collective Supernova Women is working to inform, support, demonstrate and advocate on behalf of communities disproportionately affected by the war on drugs. Their aim is to push local government to create more opportunities for people of color and those convicted of cannabis-related offenses in the early stages of a booming industry.
Hope Wiseman is breaking barriers and breaking stigma.
The ugliest, nastiest, most divisive election season in modern times is coming to an inglorious thud in a matter of days. For most Americans, Election Day can't come soon enough.