legalization of marijuana

But the study should not serve as evidence for or against legalization.
The police took marijuana and impounded a Dodge Dakota and a Jeep Liberty on Friday, KTUU ( ) reported
"My roommates got ahold of some of [the brownies]," she told KOMO. "They ended up selling them to a freshman girl." "Universities
  I think the Drug War is outrageous. I have been fighting for many years to end it - the sooner the better. The drug war
Medical marijuana advocate Jimmy McShane joins HuffPost Live to explain how he used cannabis oil to fight his illness.
8) "The confusing part for me is that we are trying to get people to stop smoking tobacco because of emphysema and lung cancer
The research was done by Jeffrey Miron and Katherine Waldock. Taxes aren't the only source of revenue that would come from
Dr. William Dale discusses his thoughts on prescribing marijuana to his elderly patients.
Miss Universe says she's against the legalization of marijuana.
Former president Jimmy Carter talks about how he supported the decriminalization of Marijuana while in office.