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The support for legalizing marijuana has grown rapidly over the last decade but the oldest Americans aren't ready to sign off on it yet. Four states and Washington, D.C. have passed measures legalizing marijuana, and today 53 percent of Americans favor legalization and 44 are opposed.
The specific concern about hash oil is reflective of a larger question about the measure -- one on which the campaigns disagree: When it comes to the rule-making process outlined in the initiative, how much room is there for adding limitations?
On the heels of Uruguay's recent decision to legalize the sale of marijuana, some Germans are arguing for their own high
4. Will legal weed laws actually be able to edge out the black market drug trade? As much as weed legalization advocates
Marijuana and the munchies go hand-in-hand. But why? A new study published in Nature Neuroscience explains the crazy culinary choices we crave. We'll break it all down.
3) "Yes! About time! The world should learn from Colorado. It will definitely diminish small crime and less petty work for
It seems that even though fewer young people are trying marijuana, more of them are currently using it. However, current use steadily declines as the marijuana smoker ages... so much for the super-potent, highly-addictive modern marijuana.
Arkansas residents that are in support of a proposed constitutional amendment that would legalize marijuana for medicinal dedications in their republic have submitted a revised plan to the state's Attorney General.
Lawmakers across the country are fed up with the Obama administration's disrespect for local marijuana laws. On Monday, the
America has dipped its toes in the waters of drug decriminalization. But why stop at marijuana? A recent Canadian study shows that harsh punishments associated with hard drugs have done nothing to end the problem. Is legalization the answer? Guest Connie Carter joins Alyona to discuss.
Washington and Colorado, both states that have legalized the use of marijuana recreationally, will serve as litmus tests
Such growing support has led marijuana-tied businesses to pitch their companies to Wall Street investors, the Los Angeles
CORRECTION: This piece has been changed to make clear the drop in the percentage of federal prisoners in custody for drug
What's my interest? I'm a mom and I think it's important to be a role model for my kids in the law-abidance category -- and
Would legalizing marijuana lead to greater profits and a new business venture for many entrepreneurs? As states work out
Stephen Downing, former deputy chief of police for the LAPD, tells HuffPost Live host Alyona Minkovski that President Barack Obama should legalize the marijuana.
Senior White House and Justice Department officials are considering plans for legal action against Colorado and Washington
Sure, everyone's celebrating the passage of marijuana laws in Washington and Colorado, but that doesn't mean there aren't
That’s right -- many speculate that the price of marijuana will go down significantly as the industry enters a new legal
Amendment 64 does appear to be quite popular amongst Colorado voters. A recent Rasmussen Reports poll from earlier in June