In a 600-word letter to the editor of the student newspaper, a woman said her sons should not have to see young women in leggings.
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This is about hygiene, not visible panty lines.
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Model Chrissy Teigen took to Snapchat to share her struggle with a pair of leggings that required her husband John Legend’s assistance. Teigen is expecting the couple’s second child.
"No leggings" policy at the office? No problem; we've found the ultimate loophole for wearing leggings at work: treggings
My faded, tissue-soft t-shirts are clingy enough only the extent that, when inverted, the fabric does not slide up - or down
If a guy can put on leggings without his hands, so can I. Maybe?
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I had to make an emergency appointment with a plastic surgeon, as I still couldn't quite confirm if my labia were "good enough" for leggings. For all I knew, I could unknowingly be the person with oversized labia walking around in skin-tight leggings.
We never thought we'd see the day.
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Head to Well+Good to see the rest of their tips for washing your activewear so it doesn't smell (or fall apart) But its the
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Has any article of clothing been as hotly contested as leggings? Somewhere between tights and skinny jeans exists this miracle of style and stretch, and yet no one can seem to agree quite the right way to wear these all-purpose bottoms.