A congressman tried to mansplain equal pay to a woman while defending an amendment to change equal pay legislation.
Gov. Jerry Brown just signed more than two dozen bills aimed at battling the disasters on multiple fronts.
The measures include new age restrictions, enhanced background check requirements and a ban on bump stocks and high-capacity magazines.
Gov. Rick Scott has expressed hesitancy over the bill and hasn't ruled out a veto.
Jim Acosta said the White House celebration over health care advancing was "a bit premature."
Well, here we go again. With Neil Gorsuch as the current Supreme Court nominee, once more we hear praises of "originalism
Here are a few tools the Trump administration may use to make early regulatory changes.
The new center, called Faster Paths to Treatment, is run in collaboration with the Massachusetts Department of Public Health
Clinton's entire political history, if anything, has shown that she will keep a firm, cautious and conciliatory eye on American public opinion when it comes to her making policy decisions and determining priorities. That's what presidents, all presidents, must do.
He said Hillary Clinton was “ineffective” for not single-handedly passing legislation as a senator.
As we tackle the complex issues of climate change and the impacts of our growing population, marine protected areas also remind us that we aren't powerless, that there are steps that we can and should take that have significant and positive impacts.
Senator Smith understood our needs. She attended the opening night of the first annual Food Allergy Blogger Conference. As
And finally, to answer the question "does size matter?" Well, when it comes to blueberries...our Blueberry Commodity Commission
Siddarth Narayan wants the president's ear. He knows many young adults are cynical about politics -- they don't believe their opinions are heard and they aren't sure how to enter the political process. But he's working to change that.