One lawmaker says the rule will be a challenge: “I can try to keep the cats off the screen. Keeping them out of the room is going to be impossible.”
Slain Capitol Police Officer Brian Sicknick died after defending the Capitol on Jan. 6 against the mob that stormed the building.
Lawmakers are set to introduce the four-page legislation Monday, with voting mid-week.
House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said Sunday “the evidence is that it was a well-planned, organized group with leadership and guidance and direction."
The House speaker shared with "60 Minutes" details of when Trump-supporting rioters stormed the Capitol, where lawmakers were certifying Joe Biden's win.
Lawmakers on both sides said a provision by Sen. Pat Toomey, R-Pa., that would curb emergency Federal Reserve powers was the sticking point.
In nominating her, two Swedish lawmakers said the 17-year-old “has worked hard to make politicians open their eyes to the climate crisis.”
The New York lawmaker unveiled the new addition to her family on Instagram.
"When Republicans say our nation's laws are 'just a joke,' they mean it," the Democratic lawmaker tweeted.
Peruvian President Vizcarra's decision came after lawmakers proceeded with holding a vote to replace almost all the members of the Constitutional Tribunal.