The proposed bill hopes to stop customer gouging by requiring oil companies to disclose information about pricing to state regulators.
Rep. Ron Hanks argued on the House floor that the Three-Fifths Compromise made at the nation's founding "was not impugning anybody’s humanity."
Not yet 100 days into the new Congress, the legislative branch has become an increasingly unsettled place.
Of the 10 new congressional seats expected this year, six are likely to be in Southern states
The GOP-Controlled Assembly's vote came a week after the state Senate killed the Democratic governor's mask order.
The gathering may be a long-shot attempt to subvert the process that saw Democrat Joe Biden win the battleground state.
Lawmakers in Arizona, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin have all said they won't intervene in selecting electors.
Gov. Laura Kelly’s executive order was her first official action since taking office Monday.
Walker is making sure that his Democratic successor won't be as powerful as he was.