lego art

To adults, it was a work of art. To a child, it was one big toy.
Beautiful Lego: Wild is both a product and celebration of the Lego phenomenon, which could never have been predicted by its founder, Ole Kirk Christiansen, when he started making the bricks out of wood in 1932.
A Catholic priest has built a small-scale version of the Vatican -- complete with nuns in black robes, Swiss Guards, and
Have you ever wanted to see your favorite yellow childhood toys engaging in some soft BDSM? Now's your chance, with this
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Seven installations by Chinese dissident artist Ai Weiwei sprout amid the rusting steel bars, broken windows and peeling paint of a cellblock, a dining hall, hospital ward, and a forced labor facility.
Looking for a little more privacy and a lot more color in your home? Just break out a box of Legos! But you'd better make
10. Balancing on a bridge in Zurich, Switzerland. 5. Back to beachin' it in Speightstown, Barbados. 2. Taking in Tanzania