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Senators and staff are banned from using Senate Internet for “partisan political purposes.”
The duo behind "The Lego Movie" are headed to a galaxy far, far away.
According to this new video by CinemaSins’ Couch Tomato, there are 24 compelling reasons why the two movies are basically
It's not the "LEGO Movie," but everything is still awesome! Adly Syairi Ramly already showed us what it would look like if
Did those who were not nominated get snubbed? NO. For God's sake, no! I can think of a whole slew of incredible work in every field of the arts that is so deserving of award recognition and didn't/won't get it for one reason or another, and that does not diminish the quality of the work.
"Our products are distributed by Warner Brothers, and currently they're in contract negotiations with Amazon. Pre-orders
Let's teach confidence with our compassion. Bravery, resilience and pluck are good too. Let's show kids examples of their heroes who stood tall regardless of their circumstances. Let's point out people that took adversity and turned it into blessings.
Since that's the case, lets hope McKay gives Wyldstyle a great female best friend. She deserves it. "The Lego Movie" wasn't
Lefties have harangued Barack Obama, even suggesting that Richard Nixon was more liberal. By doing this, the left has has succumbed to right-wing ideas about social change -- that it comes from great men, rather than collective action.
"Everything is awesome" when the much-loved "Simpsons" couch gag gets the "Lego Movie" treatment. Brickfilm creater and YouTuber