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Of course, the airline industry would prefer that you solve the problem by paying more. Squeezing extra seats onto a plane
The flight from Los Angeles to San Francisco was forced to make an emergency landing over the incident.
Unless you're a first-class regular, chances are legroom has always been a problem on planes. But one little gadget is here
Let's face it, airlines aren't exactly known for their outstanding customer service. They haven't been for years. But what can airlines, which are currently enjoying record profits, do right now to improve their service? Here are five steps that would cost virtually nothing.
Although all coach/economy seats are cramped, not all are alike, and some are worse than others. Fortunately, you can avoid the worst offenders, at least most of the time.
I don't know about you, but I'm starting to feel like I've read the same glowing write-up 50 times. There's so much buzz about the plane it seems almost suspicious.
Airline passengers live the life of a toddler in the process of being punished. And, thing is, we're never sure exactly what we've done.