It takes a real man, a gentleman and an aesthete to wear a garland of flowers around his neck. Never betray the lei. Never
"The people of the world need to hold onto the things that bind us together."
The Hawaiian island of Ni'ihau is often called "The Forbidden Island." It sounds like something straight out of "Pirates
The evidence is mounting, if not already there, that some higher taxation -- including a streamlining of the various tax codes that eliminates the perks -- is needed to spur continued growth. But when will the politicians finally wake up to that fact?
Since the tourism industry has washed out some of the finer details in translation, here are 13 things to know if you want
Here, in 13 stunning photos, is our inspiration to be more lei'd back: We decided to escape the twinkling tinsel and cheesy
It's Lei Day, everybody! May 1 officially became Lei day on the Hawaiian Islands in 1929, designated as a day to celebrate
The elements seem to be in place for a better 2012 economy. Why? Banks are lending again, and it was tight bank credit after bursting of the housing bubble that basically stopped businesses from growing.