The body of work was "one of my favorite pieces of art," she said on Instagram.
BeyoncĂ© has dropped a surprise live “Homecoming” album, featuring hits like “Single Ladies” and “Say My Name.”
The “Apes**t” video off “Everything Is Love” is proof that BeyoncĂ© is the alpha Carter.
He added that the two were working on a joint album before dropping their solo albums.
Beyoncé has ascended to the top of Forbes list of the highest-paid women in music.
We're amped about this ... but we're going to need to sell some lemonade to afford one.
"Always stay gracious, best revenge is your paper." 🐝
Take a cue from the Adele Grammys handbook: Give credit where it's due.
“Lemonade” said something and meant something to so many people.
"I feel it’s vital that we learn from the past and recognize our tendencies to repeat our mistakes."