lemony snicket

Anita Hill will take the author's place at the commencement ceremony.
The actor's ink commemorates a "grim example of so-called family programming.”
He had to do SOMETHING with all that per diem money Netflix gave him.
Copyright © 2016 by Richard J. Rosendall. All rights reserved. My mother admonished, "Think of the starving Armenians and
Count Olaf set off alarms across the Internet on Monday morning when a trailer for what appeared to be Netflix's "A Series
Handler's tweets only highlight a single facet of the offense: By making jokes that played off of racial stereotypes during
Millennials: prepare to freak out. Lemony Snicket's A Series of Unfortunate Events, one of the most beloved children's books
A Kansas boy battling through a series of unfortunate events over his front-yard library is getting some support from author