Because banks have their own internal real estate portfolios they are constantly rebalancing. When they get too heavy in
And banks will come to love this. We are living in a rapidly changing landscape in which traditional commercial banks as
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If you've ever gone through the business loan application process, you know that preparing all that paperwork is one of the biggest pains of applying.
*** If you've just put in the many hours and hard work that financing a business requires, the last thing you want to deal
For instance, let's discuss insurance. Generally speaking, it may seem stodgy, stable, and even boring. As I write in Too
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We are currently in the midst of an incredible confluence of potentially seismic macro trends that touch every soul. The economic and social promise of all this incredible action could help usher in a world which enjoys much more inclusive financial services and capital access.
- CRA covers a diminishing portion of bank activities. CRA is predicated on banks taking deposits, which was their primary
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As the peak of the holiday season approaches, many small businesses will be seeking an injection of capital. This is a busy time for many business owners who need to account for an increase in sales.
When a market experiences this type of escalating competition, every player quickly realizes there are hard limits within
In contrast, factors contributing to modern credit analysis are becoming increasingly transient and speculative. The result
If an organization implements these three strategies, their costs will decrease and their results will increase. We have seen organizations save from 30 - 70 percent on time needed to gather and share the documents and data in their loan process. This frees organizations up with more time to find and help customers.
Technology has a long history of reshaping the relationship between people and their money. Remember life before the ATM? Imagine how different your spending habits would be if you still had to walk into a bank and speak with someone every time you wanted extra cash.
Many small business owners begin their search for capital by seeking out financing options. However, they might be skipping an important step: knowing their business' credit score.
If you're wondering what the deal is or why you should make the switch from your big bank, you're already halfway to making a very smart decision.
BMW Bank of North America, the lending arm of the popular luxury vehicle brand, took the top spot, with more than $7.1 billion in auto loans on its books as of second quarter. Ranking second was Atlanta-based regional bank Fidelity Bank, which dedicated nearly 42 percent of its total assets to auto lending.
In the next 20 years, Millennials will receive over $20 trillion in inheritance, with over $7 trillion being passed along by 2020, according to Bloomberg Business. This is the largest wealth transfer our country has ever seen, and the impact will be seismic.
Financial institutions across the U.S. this week celebrated small businesses in a big way -- offering grants from $10,000 to $100,000, holding seminars, and touting their service and commitment to those firms considered to be the backbone of the U.S. economy.