Sit back and watch, the revolution is happening before your eyes. Underwriters will become the new rock stars of the banking
And the banks will love it. Happy New Year... and what a year it will be as the revolution has begun. Why? Once the branch
The typical Mosaic customer is a homeowner who wants to save money while doing something positive for the environment. Larry
If you've ever gone through the business loan application process, you know that preparing all that paperwork is one of the biggest pains of applying.
WHY ARE THEY ASKING FOR THIS INFORMATION ABOUT YOUR LOAN? The answer to this question goes back to how you got your loan
Big Data and Big Money These new lenders aren't just making microloans. For instance, Kabbage has lent more than $1 billion
The end? Nope ... Comvest came after me personally for $5+ million. Comvest knew I didn't have any money - I had literally
We are currently in the midst of an incredible confluence of potentially seismic macro trends that touch every soul. The economic and social promise of all this incredible action could help usher in a world which enjoys much more inclusive financial services and capital access.
Banks quickly became the fastest-growing and most important source of lending to CDFIs that, in turn, pooled that money with
But it isn't just the how of people getting their funding that has changed -- it is also the why and who - specifically who