That's what I love best -- the way that food brings us together. We all need to eat, and everybody, from seven-month old
Zinc, a mineral that makes your skin and disposition glow, is found predominantly in foods vegans don't eat -- except for
"Oh, not the church!" My tears doubled as I realized that the historic basilica of Saint Benedict had collapsed. Additionally
While no one but a strapping Swabian farmer (or me as a teenager) could ever have finished the generous portion, this proved
Getting pulses to consumers in both urban and rural areas will be an important weapon in the fight against malnutrition and
There are many reasons to add pulses to your meals. They are tasty, versatile, inexpensive, and sustainable. If they can help with weight maintenance this would be the cherry on top.
To say that my parents influenced who I am today would be an understatement. I'm not saying I had a storybook childhood. It was more like an acid trip, led by some nice hippies.
Though it may not always be prominent in the COP21 discussions, the role played by agriculture in many economies -- in terms of food security, economic opportunity and poverty reduction -- means agriculture is a key component of many national strategies for adaptation and mitigation.
Mejadra is a delicious comfort food popular in the middle east. Made with lentils, basmati rice, aromatic spices and crunchy friend onions, this comforting delicacy will quickly make your worries dissipate.
Stir-fry isn't a sexy new dish you read about on a blog or saw in an Ottolenghi cookbook. Stir-fry is reliable, but it's ho-hum. It's what you end up making when you don't know how else to combine the weird elements of your fridge. Let's give stir-fry some dignity.
So why the constant need to morph things all the time? I get the cronut thing, it was a gimmick, and people love a gimmick
Never miss an opportunity to add more flavor to your lentils -- they can take a LOT.
This little ditty is just a combination of some of my favorite flavors that are kicking around the market right now -- creamy avocado, bittersweet blood orange -- that pair perfectly with the chewy, hearty farro in a grain salad.
A vegan spin on sloppy Joes? This may be your first.
Nanny never wrote down recipes. And it wouldn't have mattered if she did; I didn't pay attention to what went into her meals -- it was the delicious end result that was my only concern. So now I've tried my best to recreate her simple, Calabrese dishes.
My favorite weeknight vegetarian dinners that take little more to make than a stock pot and a ladle.
You couldn't get through fall without it.
You might resolve to make them once a week as a vegetarian respite from other omnivore endeavors.