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And these CEOs are not exactly earning their exorbitant pay, said Hindery. "The only time the U.S. economy and any of the
Former CEO Leo Hindery Jr joins HuffPost Live to discuss executive pay.
Leo Hindery says up front that the BLS only notes those specifically looking for work. That may make sense to some -- until one learns who is left out. According to the Hindery report, the ones who are left under the rug of America's unemployment mess are those who've given up looking.
Every month, media business executive and former Obama for President finance committee member Leo Hindery puts out a very detailed memo breaking done the national unemployment data to find it's true meaning.
The old economic model is fundamentally broken, torn apart by the incredibly deep damage done to this economy by the last
Picking a new head for the National Economic Council is an important moment for the president's rapidly realigning staff. The old economic models are broken, and a little entrepreneurial populism is exactly what is needed.
President Obama's current hide-the-pea approach regarding trade with China is in complete contradiction to Candidate Obama's promises throughout the 2008 campaign.
We cannot ignore the deficit hawks forever, but now is not the time for austerity. We should be talking about the three government actions that we know would most immediately create millions of new jobs.
Obama's plan to unveil tonight a non-defense discretionary spending freeze for the next three years will essentially forfeit America's growth future to China. The President, one year into his job, and still dealing with the tail winds of the worst economic disaster in global markets and the U.S. economy since the Great Depression, is saying that he is going to freeze spending on virtually everything but the wars we have on hand. America needs to invest in itself.
As important as health care reform is, it is a crushing level of unemployment that is driving the president's approval numbers, and the entire Democratic Party's political fortunes, down.
The revelations that the New York Fed advised AIG to hide matters from regulators may be the final trigger for Geithner's departure -- and Obama needs to change his economic team anyway.
The consensus of economic wisdom now informs us that we are facing a jobless recovery. That might not be so bad if it hadn't been preceded by a long period of poorly paid prosperity.
With an effective unemployment rate of 19%, and manufacturing jobs continuing to be decimated, we are not going to climb out of this deep recession without getting people working again in good jobs.
The modern version of: "Let he who is without sin cast the first stone" has arrived. It is: "Let he (or she) who has not told his accountant to do whatever they can in order to pay the least taxes cast the first stone."
Critics of President Obama will use the Daschle incident to claim that Obama is not really about change, and is captive of the same politicians and lobbyists who have always run Washington.
Tom Daschle's resignation should have been accepted, however, that of Nancy Killefer should have been refused. Responses must be tailored to the "sin." Not all imperfections make a person unfit for office.
Like many decent people, Daschle got caught in a bad system that is so corrupted by money it hardly matters whether the money is from good people with good intentions or bad people with bad intentions.
The only thing more implausible than believing that a multi-millionaire with national ambitions would willfully try to defraud the IRS of $140,000 is believing that a man like that actually does his own taxes.
Though Obama won on promises to challenge Wall Street, there has been a calculated effort to stack the administration with the very Wall Street Democrats who created the problems he lamented.
Daschle isn't irreplaceable for health care reformers, but Obama would make a big mistake in appointing a replacement with any lessor convictions on a public heath care option.