leon cooperman

Leon Cooperman ranted on CNBC that the idea of a "fair share" is a "bullshit concept" that just attacks wealthy people.
Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) is scaring billionaires like Mike Bloomberg and Leon Cooperman with her tax plan.
A billionaire is actually facing insider trading charges.
"The problem is the regulators, not the company," said Leon Cooperman, founder of the hedge fund Omega Advisors.
People often think of bonds as being low risk. They are lower risk than stocks, but they are still subject to all sorts of different potential problems.
One night last May, some twenty financiers and politicians met for dinner in the Tuscany private dining room at the Bellagio
Anthony Scaramucci has written The Little Book of Hedge Funds, an entertaining and informative book without the typical Wall Street bombast.
He feels insulted that the president has suggested that the wealthy are somehow "bad," and that they pay no taxes, which is an exaggeration, but hell, I lack the sensitivity of the rich.