Leon Wieseltier

The magazine's literary editor, Leon Wieseltier, is accused of harassment and inappropriate behavior.
Laurene Powell Jobs' organization has cut ties with Wieseltier over what it calls his "past inappropriate workplace conduct."
RISE host Cat Greenleaf visited famous Intellectual, Leon Wieseltier and his 13 year old blogger son in Washington DC to discuss how parents and kids struggle to find a balance between real life and screen time.
Obama promised us the utopias of Philip K. Dick and Aldous Huxley and all we got was James Cameron: Osama avatars prancing through security in PETN-enhanced underpants.
Do you ever wonder whether, at times, the fact-and-measurement industry in this country might be going a tad overboard? After all, we are still limited by 24-hour days, and what we do with those precious moments is important.
Last Friday morning, Chris Hughes, the owner of The New Republic, and Guy Vidra, the magazine’s C.E.O., presided over a meeting
*Morozov didn't resign, but said Friday on Twitter that he should be removed from the masthead because he stopped writing
In his memo, Foer described The New Republic as "one of the great loves of my life -- a set of ideas, a history, a collection
While acknowledging the magazine's past, Hughes didn't dwell on it. Hughes, who made his fortune as a Facebook co-founder
Wieseltier's most heretical statements in the weeks preceding the Kiev congress declared that the United States is as weak as Putin's Russia is evil, owing mainly to the misleadership of Obama.
Instead of acknowledging their deepest feelings openly, or even to themselves, the writers I've mentioned who've brought so much folly and destruction upon their republic, are doubling down, more nervous and desperate than ever, looking for someone else to blame.
There are indeed times when liberals must fight to defend liberalism, sometimes to defeat enemies who've arisen, as did fascism and much of Communism, from within the interstices and contradictions of liberal capitalism itself. But Leon Wieseltier lives for those times.
"The world is all that is the case" With respect to his first propostion, Wieseltier appears to be in complete agreement
I would bet my bottom dollar that, along with Thomas Friedman, Leon Wieseltier and yours truly (of Jewish ancestry), Mr. Cohen is a steadfast champion of the Jewish state, too.
We have had 64 years of building a homeland for the Jewish people, an heroic task that has at times succeeded beyond our wildest dreams, and of which we are immensely proud, and at times let us down in deep and painful ways. That is what it means to be in a loving relationship.
News of Christopher Hitchens' death -- he would have detested "passing" -- reached me early Friday morning. After a few hours of despair, I felt impelled to record my sense of loss in writing.
A big fashion of recent times has been to rewrite or repackage the Passover haggadah to fit our individual tastes. The Master Story of the Jews, then, becomes the Master Story of Me.
The mistakes or missteps of President Bush lie not merely in his administration's lack of transparency, but in its disregard for the establishment of goals.