Leonard Bernstein

The word “shitstorm” had not yet been coined, but that is what the situation became.
By the time the second act is underway, things have become undeniably plodding. The humor has leaked out, and what's left
But both Candide and Cunegonde, as well as Cunegonde's brother Maximilian (Keith Phares) and serving girl Paquette (Jessica
"Candide's journeys began, obviously, with Voltaire and somehow imprinted themselves on the journey of a Broadway show, which
"Nature," my teacher Homer Lambrecht once reminded me, "teaches us also how to let things die."
To the extent that we are mirrored, encouraged and acknowledged for our achievements and our creative pursuits, we are unified within ourselves. To the degree that we are perceived through a distorted mirror, we are torn asunder and may search for approval at a cost to our real self and creativity.
Fast forward about 3,000 years to Israel Horovitz' play Out of the Mouths of Babes. In this striking Cherry Lane Theatre production (www.cherrylanetheatre.org), the Babes are adults. Out of their mouths comes wit..with claws. Picture four sassy, savvy, snarky babes -- all ex-wives and lovers of the same beloved Professor -- clumped together in one Paris apartment for his funeral.
But Barbara loved listening to the Metropolitan Opera broadcasts on the radio; and when she was seven, she entered a contest
The evening literally took my breath away again and again. Robbins, Laurents, Bernstein and Sondheim are West Side Story's
As a vocal performance major, Jay became very acquainted with the advantages of staged concerts. He performed the role of Fabrizio Naccarelli in Adam Guettel's Light in the Piazza and the title role in the composer's Floyd Collins.