leonard cohen

The legendary singer's estate said it had specifically denied permission to use the song and was considering legal action.
“Kanye West Is Not Picasso,” from Cohen's recently released collection, is making the rounds on Twitter.
Bastian Baker has been performing the song while on tour with Shania Twain.
I remember the infancy of online dating: before Tinder, before apps. I was on Nerve and Jdate fifteen years before Bumble
On December 10th, 2016 I was privileged to be able to attend Leonard Cohen’s official Los Angeles Memorial Service and afterwards
Photo by Monika Lightstone For more information please visit www.AthenaAndreadis.com I asked Athena about the CD and she
What can be said about 2016? It was a year that began with the death of Ziggy Stardust and ended with the keys of the free