The lion had a huge size advantage and showed it was agile too.
A motion-sensor camera captures a funny nocturnal moment in South Africa and the fur flies.
It's down to Fox, Flamingo and Rottweiler in next week's grand finale.
"We still can put some conservation policies into place that ensure their existence.”
It is time to provide the same level of protection to the African leopard. Donald Trump Jr., Honeywell CEO David Cote, and other over-privileged animal exploiters can use their wealth to entertain themselves in other ways and let these animals be.
Laughing hyenas really do sound as if they're laughing, the sort of maniacal screeches you get at an executive meeting of your favorite company or organization.
Video shows the big cat biting one man, who was not seriously injured.
I recently corresponded with Dr. Alex Sliwa Curator of Mammals at the Cologne Zoo, Chair of the European Association of Zoo