The drama rose to a crescendo as all three leopards now strode out and descended the hill, their hunt coinciding perfectly
It is clear to anyone who has been privileged to see Alexander and his big cats at Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey®, either during the show or at one of our many Animal Scout Clinics that their rapport is one of mutual respect.
Leopards are found in more parts of the world than other big cats and live in a variety of habitats. Most of the animals
AND A CRASH OF RHINOS A LEAP OF LEOPARDS! A THUNDER OF HIPPOPOTIMI The rangers all shared information on sightings over the
Green leaves are flickering and peacocks are howling outside my tent. I lie in an enormous bed strewn with flower petals as the night begins to lighten, with a half-moon still in the sky.
You grew up collaring mountain lions, why are they doing so well compared to other cats? I guess it’s like anything, it’s
Sri Lanka has absolutely everything a traveler could want. Miles of sugary beaches lined with palm trees, wildlife reserves, ancient ruins that house massive Buddhas, historic colonial towns, a bounty of tropical fruits -- and it's safe.
After wildly running about on the roof, mauling one man and charging several others, the leopard retreated to a water tank
"Several times, the baby baboon fell out of the tree," filmmaker Dereck Joubert said, according to the Daily Mail. "Each
The leopard was waiting for us. As the jeep rumbled closer, the big cat rippled to his feet, loped across the front of the vehicle and ambled into the bushes. The spotted beast didn't return, but none of us on board will ever forget him.
It's pretty clear that this leopard knew what it was doing. Other leopards, like this cub born at The Denver Zoo in June
Time is running out for Africa's iconic animal -- along with other big cats of the world like snow leopards, tigers, cheetahs and jaguars.
Under a high emissions scenario, about 30 percent of habitat could be vulnerable, Shrestha said. * Camera trap images show
Fauna & Flora International (FFI) recently teamed up with local and international scientists to conduct a survey of life
A wild leopard snuck into a house in the northeastern Indian city of Guwahati today and mauled at least three people, the
In just the first 15 minutes, we'd already spotted a herd of zebra, a half dozen acacia-munching giraffes and enough warthogs that it was easy to understand why there were so many cheetahs around.
Big cats deserve big toys. The Sumatran Tiger also remains critically endangered, even though the animal is protected by
Or have they? Almost monthly, sightings of big cats are reported in places where there are no officially documented populations