leopoldo lopez

Lopez was transferred to a military prison on Tuesday.
Praise be Donald Trump’s White House, the smoothest presidency in all of history. 1. John Kelly, on his first day as the
Both leaders have called on Venezuelans to join protests against President Nicolas Maduro.
A distorted media reality is shaking up a country that really doesn’t need more shakeups.
Venezuela’s population has been dealing with severe medical and food shortages for the past few years. Hell broke loose after a ruling by the Supreme Court stripped congress of it’s powers. The political crisis sparked major protests throughout the country and it looks like there’s no end in sight to the Violence.
CARACAS, Venezuela -- The people of Venezuela are fighting the impunity and the oppression of the Maduro regime, but it is not a fight we can win on our own. We ask that all countries that value freedom, democracy and human dignity stand with us.
CARACAS, Venezuela -- In the span of a few hours the 17-year stranglehold of an opprobrious regime on Venezuelan voters was broken, democracy could breathe again, tears were shed, flags waved and in the land of Bolívar the tide of history turned. Things will not be transformed overnight, but they will never be the same again in Venezuela or Latin America: change has come and it is here to stay.
Venezuela's opposition denounced the sentencing in harsh terms.
LA PAZ - In all likelihood, Venezuela will produce another mythical figure: Leopoldo Lopez, the movie star-handsome, Harvard-educated son of privilege, who chose to dedicate his life to public service in his home country. He clearly had passion to serve and steel in his spine, so his potentially comfortable life turned out to be rather different than expected. History beckoned.