The celebrity trainer has a proposal for the metabolism slowdown.
“It’s unrealistic to think that people will stick to a restricted diet 100 percent of the time."
Let's be honest: Many of us are staying up too late when we don't really need to.
Those euphoric feelings can be traced way, way back.
Here are three ways you might jumpstart weight loss while working on your food choices and activity level.
In the first, 20 participants were given powdered IPE or a complete dietary fiber, inulin. They were then instructed to eat
Leptin is produced by adipose tissue (fat) in the body, and the more fat one has, the more leptin is produced to help curb
Visceral fat knows how to protect its existence: it keeps that muffin top firmly intact despite your strongest efforts to banish it. Want a culprit to blame? Look no further than your hormones!
“Usually asthma is a disease caused by local inflammation. What we found is that, in fact, asthma in the obese or anorexic
Sugar and its dangers are in the news again, thanks to ABC's popular show, Nightline, which, last night, aired a compelling story spotlighting sugar's role in the obesity crisis.