LeRoy Carhart

Dr. LeRoy Carhart is one of the last providers in the country who perform later abortions.
It is under contract to be purchased by an anti-abortion group.
After Tiller follows doctors in Nebraska as restrictive new anti-abortion laws force him to close his clinic and attempt to open a new one. After just a few minutes of watching these doctors consult with colleagues and patients, two prevalent anti-abortion myths can be completely dispelled.
Four days prior to her death, McKenna-Morbelli visited a Germantown, Md., abortion clinic to begin a several-day procedure
In Kansas an escalating campaign of threats, harassment and terror is targeting Dr. Mila Means, who recently announced her plans to provide abortions in Wichita.
What's happening in Nebraska right now isn't local. Abortion rights opponents are trying to shut down one of four US health care providers still performing specialized late-term procedures.
If the anti-choice movement has its way, the moment one sperm eats its way through an egg's outer shell would be the last moment in human development that wouldn't be covered by the Constitution. Unsurprisingly, it's a rather lucrative racket.
Just two more murdered doctors, you're thinking, and it will have to stop...
It is not hard to understand why Dr. Carhart is as enraged as he is. Carhart has been the target of anti-choice/"pro-life