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Turkish protesters recently sang a powerful rendition of "Do You Hear The People Sing?" from the popular Broadway musical
Both globetrotters and entertainment critics alike will agree that Europe sets the stage for some of the world's greatest adventures, from Greece in Mamma Mia to France in Les Misérables. What film will inspire your next holiday?
Les Misérables was a player at every awards show this season, and the film, along with its cast and crew, is nominated for
The parody tells the story of hapless conscript Jean Valjean, or "Airman 24601," who because of the shovelling, manages to
It's that time of year again, when Hollywood pays tribute the best in cinema. There's no question that 2012 was a stellar year at the box office, but how did it translate in the eyes of the eyes of the Academy?
The winner for Best Picture, Musical or Comedy at the 2013 Golden Globes was announced Sunday night, with "Les Miserables
To my mind, we need some more "good" fairy tales, in that we need the inspiration to work at the realities of our selves, and of course each other, and of course the larger world. The giving it up to God almost spoiled my enjoyment of the movie.
To this day, I still remember my parents coming home after seeing the show with the original Broadway cast in 1987. They
The Internets have done it again! On the heels of such blockbuster 2012 funnies as the Ermahgerd meme, Grumpy Cat, McKayla
After months of anticipation, the film adaptation of "Les Miserables" hit theaters on Christmas Day. Starring Anne Hathaway
Most of the critiques that I have heard about the shooting style and the overuse of close-ups are a matter of personal preference
The cast's hard work appears to have paid off: "Les Miserables" took in a strong $18.2 million at the Christmas Day box office
"Les Miserables" is out in theaters now. For more from Hathaway, head over to MTV. Anne Hathaway's performance in "Les Miserables
Did director Tom Hooper successfully adapt Les Misérables? Can Victor Hugo's marvelous tome (finally) carry over to the big screen? Other directors had relatively unsuccessfully tried before him, so has Hooper found the magic sauce -- the crème fraîche, if you will -- to make the perfect movie meal?
Marc and Abby talk to HuffPost Celebrity Editor Youyoung Lee about Hugh Jackman's moving interview on 60 minutes.