Lesbian Moms

“I enjoy reading, playing Scrabble, kayaking and musical theatre. Full disclosure: I’m pregnant as a single mom by choice.”
My mom sat me down and said that if anyone asked about them, I should say that they were cousins.
For this mom, having to explain her family to others eventually got the best of her.
Right now, I don't know how their connections might strengthen and grow. With the four oldest kids being pre-school age, it's
We've danced around the topic with Addison, our five-year old, each time truthfully answering her questions about where babies
She's given me more than the ability to feel normal and we live it each and every day. The unconditional love we have, even through our growing pains, is a reminder that normal is what we make it.
"It reminds me that I conquered my biggest fear by living my truth."
As a lesbian solo mom raising two boys, often I feel like an anthropologist dropped into an unfamiliar culture, scrambling to understand their rituals. But I'm not just an observer here. I need to understand the ins and outs of Boyville.
It's just a very small step in the long journey of parenting.
My daughter figured it out. Kids are smart. They don't always need us to spell things out for them (unless, of course, they can't spell yet). They are perceptive, much more than we give them credit for. Maggie knows who my wife is. She knows who I am. And she made the distinction all on her own.
I'm Mama. Me -- with my short hair, baggy clothes and baseball caps. When Maggie looks at me, she doesn't see a tomboy. She doesn't see a label. She doesn't see a puzzle where two separate genders maybe don't perfectly fit.
Our cheeks brushed against one another's and I felt the hot air seep from her lips onto my cheek. Her plush lips, painted
t is not your typical lesbian love story. It lacks some of the passion and hot sex that makes many coming out movies compelling. But, when you encounter a magnetic attraction to someone that will rip your life to shreds, the unfolding of the love story may at first seem understated and unclear. When you are married to a man and your lesbian catalyst appears, anything can happen.
Her parents say they are now planning to file a civil rights lawsuit against the school.
With a house full of girls, we wondered what life would be like for our son, who would he be? How would that nature or nurture theory really work? It didn't matter to us if he chose princesses or cars, his happiness was truly all that mattered.
No matter what I said or did, you would never go away. There was so many things you couldn't control, like the simple fact that you were in a same-sex relationship at a time in America when that was abhorred. You couldn't make us happy. But you could control if you stayed or left, and you always stayed.