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The NFL player says he had nothing to do with the assault on Delicia Cordon during a home invasion.
Coach Chip Kelly has come under fire, with some saying he may be gone after the season is over. After back to back 10-6 seasons, the Eagles are 4-7 without showing much sign of improvement. The problem is Chip Kelly. He is his own worst enemy.
If Chip Kelly is on a mission to replace his black players with white ones, he is failing spectacularly. The more likely conclusion is that the idea that racial bias from the head coach has influenced the Eagles is factually inaccurate at best, and moronically shortsighted at least.
The Seattle Seahawks are the defending world champions and owners of a 9-4 record. They have seen firsthand the distinct challenges of what it takes to repeat, and why the NFL hasn't seen a back-to-back champ since New England a decade ago. Just one month ago, the team seemed in total disarray -- unable to establish a consistent aerial attack with and without the traded Percy Harvin and unable to generate the same defensive dominance from a year ago.
When you say it’s rough on you, is it because you need more carries? Or just because the way the games have flowed, you haven’t
When a football star snubbed a waiter, Charlie Sheen took it upon himself to right the wrong. The owner had posted a picture
Another NFL running back is making headlines this week but the topic is: etiquette. PYT, a burger joint in Philly posted this receipt to their Facebook page showing a $60 tab racked up by Eagles player LeSean McCoy. The receipt also shows that the running back is one stingy tipper: nope, not even close to 20% -- 20 cents to be exact.
The Predictalator has run every Week 1 2014 NFL game 50,000 times. This allows us to rank all players based on their expected fantasy football output in the upcoming game.
A lot of guys are getting banged up or hurt so much more, so like I said, I think it's smart to avoid a lot of those hits
If given the choice between a toddler and Tim Tebow, Philadelphia Eagles star LeSean McCoy says he'd definitely pick the
Follow Jason on Twitter: @JasonPhilCole 2. Detroit quarterback Matthew Stafford – While the conditions in Philadelphia couldn’t
Dashing through the snow As the Philly Eagles play Forty yards to go Leaping o'er Lions all the way Defenders getting beat
There's no better feeling than winning with a group of men that you consider to be your brothers, who will take time out of their busy schedules so that we can bond and keep gelling to make this run. One day, one week, one game at a time...
Philadelphia's LeSean McCoy ran aground off "Revis Island" on Sunday. It didn't go well for him. McCoy broke free for a 12
2) He does follow Skip Bayless on Twitter. 1) He is not a fan of Denver Broncos running back Knowshon Moreno. McCoy's comment
The importance of the running back has declined as NFL offenses have increasingly favored an aerial attack. In fact, during