Lesley Stahl

The "60 Minutes" correspondent said she became part of the story when she got sick and entered the hospital with a "valiant army."
Even though the president communicates "mostly in gibberish."
Trump openly questioned Brett Kavanaugh's accuser and mocked the #MeToo movement during a rally in Mississippi earlier this month.
Trump, who often calls media the "enemy of the people, told "60 Minutes" host Lesley Stahl that if Saudi Arabia is involved "there will be severe punishment."
Lesley Stahl said Trump admitted that he attacks journalists so "no one will believe" them.
Education secretary also admits she hasn't visited underperforming schools.
Stahl behaved as if these were the kind of statements and denials that any president-elect of the United States might make.
As I've travelled around the country this past month talking about grandmothers, I keep hearing the old jokes: "I should've had my grandchildren FIRST" and "The reason grandparents and grandchildren get along so well is because they have a common enemy." Well, I say nonsense!
While the news business has changed dramatically over the past six decades, there is much for all journalists to learn from Bob Schieffer's remarkable career. He hosted presidents and world leaders. He asked tough questions, but was never confrontational. He never wanted to be the story; he just wanted to cover the news.
When Joan Ganz Cooney decided to start the Children's Television Workshop, she was told that she could be the deputy, but that a man should be in charge. Her response was that if a man were in charge, she would not be involved