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The near-term fate of Leslie Bibb and Rachel Dratch, and the rest of the crew who made "Salem Rogers: Model of the Year 1998" is in the hands of the masses, or as many of the masses who have hit on Amazon's Pilot Season.
Writer Liz Tuccillo joins HuffPost Live to talk about the process of writing the series finale of "Sex And The City."
When we first meet Frannie, the protagonist of writer-director Liz Tuccillo's debut feature, Take Care, she's fresh from the hospital, arm in a sling, leg in a brace, being wrangled from a cab by her sister and a friend.
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By contrast, the Atlantic Theater Company's production of John Guare's 3 Kinds of Exile, an ambitious trilogy of ideas, revolves
As soon as the interview began, Corddry took over answering questions from host Anthony Breznican, steamrolling any opportunity
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As soapy shows go, "GCB" is very much in the vein of "Desperate Housewives" or "Dallas," only perhaps with an even meaner
It's understandable that some Christians feel that this show misrepresents them: God here is made an accessory to the GCBs
After showing off "this weird claw hand" she does when she's excited, Bibb talked about what happened the time she saw Meryl