Leslie Jordan

" I ask him how he felt on the inside when he realized that this disease was primarily affecting gay men and what his fears were..."
Maitri Compassionate Care in San Francisco is celebrating its 29th year of service to the underpriviledged with advanced
In this episode of Nicholas Snow Live, Leslie Jordan of Will & Grace fame, talks about that time he was in jail with the Iron Man himself, Robert Downey, Jr.
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Any way you spin it, it's hard to deny Jordan's appeal. He has become one of the most provocative comedic talents to hit the stage and screen in the last 15 years. I caught up with the busy man to learn more about his one-man show, his crush on James Franco, and oh-so-much more.
Joel Rush and Nick Ayler are the other sexy male models appearing alongside Jordan as he strips down and bares it all. Check
I hope you're hungry... Because it's time to snack on some fresh hot steamin' ROAST! Yep, chickens... Last night saw the queens of RuPaul's Drag Race season 5 sink their pearly whites into the first-ever "RuPaul Roast" and it was... extra juicy!
Whether that person is a cuddly intellectual or an old-fashioned stereotype of a mincing pixie, one's storytelling ability is often what keeps audiences coming back for more.
Leslie Jordan is stopping by "Raising Hope." The "Will & Grace" alum is headed to the Fox series as the leader of a couple's
Leslie Jordan will host the event and Jane Lynch, among other celebrities, will also be in attendance. Neil Patrick Harris
When the call came that Tate Taylor wanted to offer me the part of Mr. Blackley in The Help, I almost fell on the floor. Perhaps this would be my chance to finally snag my man!
Introducing the Dead Actor's montage, Sigourney Weaver said: "We have lost so many uniquely talented people, among them a golden girl..." at which point Betty White stood up and screamed, "I'm dead?"
In his dishy new memoir, "My Trip Down the Pink Carpet," the puckish veteran of such series as "Ally McBeal," "Boston Legal