Leslie Van Houten

Van Houten, the youngest member of Charles Manson’s murderous cult, had been previously denied her release twice by former Gov. Jerry Brown.
If Van Houten's case withstands review, her fate will rest in the hands of California’s new Gov. Gavin Newsom.
It was the second straight year that she was deemed suitable for parole, although California Gov. Jerry Brown overturned last year’s decision.
Van Houten is serving a life sentence for multiple murders, but maintains she was manipulated by Manson.
Van Houten described the cult leader as a “caricature of horror.”
Van Houten has been serving a life sentence for murders that Manson directed his followers to commit.
Leslie Van Houten is serving a life sentence.
Leslie Van Houten: Say what you will about this former Manson follower convicted of two murders, one has to admire her persistence
It seems it is the season for paroling women who attempt to assassinate our presidents and those who commit heinous crimes.
"I ask that I be shown the mercy I didn't give... and that is not easy in this parole board room but I am going to ask for it. I am who I say I am."
"Each act we did in that house, I take responsibility for," she testified in 2004, adding "I can't... place the blame on someone else. It was me."
I've always secretly wondered if Leslie ever felt "cool" when she was with the Manson gang and I finally got up the nerve to ask. "Cool? We had no concept by then of any such possible word!"
By now I certainly knew that what Leslie had done was anything but "art." Her participation in the La Bianca murders was a very real atrocity.