Giving European imports the duty-free treatment will leave African producers struggling: local businesses will be unable
"Laisuotuo" puts a face to the widespread prejudice experienced by both the Chinese in Africa and Africans in China.
The ruling raises a host of questions - for China, for the Philippines (which brought the action against China to the PCA), and for the other nations bordering the South China Sea, which also have ongoing disputes with Beijing on the same subject.
January and February set new Arctic heat records; Alaska has been warmer than ever recorded this year; April was a record
There is no doubt that Egypt faces a slew of challenges and potentially dire consequences related to the Renaissance Dam that Ethiopia is currently constructing at the headwaters of the Nile.
A recent blog post, "Can Lesotho survive more development?" by John Aerni-Flessner and Charles Fogelman points out that "Despite post-Millennium development programs..., most Basotho still live in poverty, and average life expectancy is 49 years."
He named the dining hall at the Mamohato Children's Centre after his late mother.
The profession faces a number of issues including a severe shortage of staff, poor working conditions, poor remuneration, limited support and supervision. However, I know that we can overcome them, together, in the years to come.
Durban is a modern, cosmopolitan African city that perfectly reflects South Africa's cultural complexity with strong African, Indian and European influences. I found the city fun, diverse and full of activities.
The energy in the room at the end of the day is buoyant. People are smiling and laughing. Several linger behind to discuss the incredible conversations that we have had.
Young people will change their habits between the sheets, if it means a chance to win big bucks. "Our results provide evidence
You don't have to stop protecting the planet as you travel to explore its many wonders. Hotel search trivago.com has discovered eight ecologically elite hotels that are taking "being green" to a five-star level.
To support Sentebale's work, visit the organization's website. During a recent trip to Africa, Prince Harry zoomed in on
Prince Harry once again showed the size of his heart when he met up with children in Lesotho,an AIDS ridden country where one in three kids are orphans.
"There's a lot of stigma in the general population," says Tampose Mothopeng, a human rights defender from Lesotho, who's been described by NPR as "young, idealistic, and transsexual."
Something important happened to you right after you were born. You don't remember it, but your parents do. You got a birth certificate. That is such a simple act -- like flicking a switch and having a light come on -- that we forget how complex it is.
The HIV/AIDS epidemic has wiped out a generation leaving one in three children orphans and without the love and care of parents to guide them through the early days of their lives.
For a lot of the group running wasn't just a way of life, but a way to survive, not only for themselves, but also to literally support their families.
As the World Cup in Brazil approaches, the role of football as a catalyst for social and political change is in the news again, but what about revolutionizing the football industry itself.