Less Stress

Quantum physics informs us that the denser the matter, the faster its particles are moving. We are all made of the same particles
Translated by Mark S. Burrows, 2009 Yes, it takes more time to meet with a friend face-to-face over a leisure lunch. Yes
This article first appeared on the Soulful Sparks of Inspiration website. Get ready to soak in the brilliance of the Summer
Part One: Little Ugly Duckling By Marta Stemberger This article first appeared on the Soulful Sparks of Inspiration website
We, humans, have the luxury of free will. What are we choosing? The path of suffering and rejection, or a path of loving and caring? I invite you to let go of the old paradigm to create the breathing space to find the true potential in the highest "I."
Allow gentle nudges, kind words, even pesky annoyances to assist you. Open up to the embrace of the Spirit. Soften the tightness of your inner bud, see yourself blossom into a luscious flower. Like a peony.
Dare to explore who you are. Be courageous to take off the veneer of your lower vibe earthly ego. Be strong enough to connect with your Highest Self. Persevere to maintain the brilliance of your unique column of Light.
Speaking in tongues is about understanding each other. Yes, it's good to know more than one language, but it's equally important to be able to comprehend the other person's point of view.
Much can be achieved when we're balanced and aligned with our life's purpose. Let's not be enticed by immediate gratification of shiny objects that prove worthless and useless very fast.
We inhale the cosmic ideas of the future, and exhale the joyful creations in the present. Breathe in and breathe out. Live