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The attorney general repeated his pledge amid reports the Justice Department is zeroing in on former President Donald Trump's actions related to Jan. 6.
The Ukrainian leader told NBC’s Lester Holt it was “very hard” to say what would happen next if his country fell to Russian troops.
"I’m not looking to make an ideological choice” for the next high court justice, Biden said in his first televised interview of 2022.
Biden told NBC that his Cabinet represented the spectrum of America and would be the right team to lead at a time very different from the Obama era.
The president's former attorney also told NBC's Lester Holt about Trump's attacks on Barack Obama and South Africa.
"I believe that he would even go so far as to start a war in order to prevent himself from being removed from office," said the president's former lawyer.
The NBC anchor is breaking down tough issues on "Nightly News: Kids Edition."
Seen as a rising Democratic star, he dropped out of Kansas City, Missouri, mayor's race last year.
The former FBI chief said he was baffled by the special counsel's decision not to make a judgment on this question.
"When President Obama wanted a camera shot blocked, he did it himself..."