lethal injection

Twenty years after being convicted, Michael Samra was put to death by lethal injection.
The host blasted so-called humane options for the death penalty on "Last Week Tonight."
Newsom will halt the execution of more than 700 inmates on the nation’s largest death row, for as long as he’s governor.
Scott Dozier, who spent 11 years on death row, had pleaded for his execution, insisting "life in prison isn't a life."
Our capital punishment practices are unconstitutional. Period.
Edmund Zagorski said he did "not want to be subjected to the torture" of lethal injection.
Carey Dean Moore had been sentenced to death for killing two cab drivers in Omaha in 1979.
Twice-convicted killer Scott Raymond Dozier’s execution was temporarily halted after a judge sided with pharmaceutical manufacturer Alvogen.
The Australian scientist and botanist died at an assisted-dying clinic in Switzerland.
Texas Gov. Greg Abbott commuted the death sentence of a convicted murderer less than an hour before he was set to be executed.
The state plans to reschedule the lethal injection for 69-year-old Alva Campbell.
Kenneth Williams' lawyers argued he was intellectually disabled, making his execution unconstitutional.
The EU “wishes to make an urgent humanitarian appeal," the ambassador to the U.S. wrote to Arkansas Gov. Asa Hutchinson.
The state claims the Trump administration is preventing it from carrying out lethal injections with the substance.
"I believe it’s very likely that, at some point, Oklahoma has executed an innocent person.”