lethal injection

The state's electric chair is 109 years old.
The bill, approved by a 66-43 vote, will require condemned inmates to choose either being shot or electrocuted if lethal injection drugs aren’t available.
They likened the process of dying by lethal injection to falling asleep. But those tranquil accounts are at odds with reports by media witnesses.
Montgomery's lawyers told HuffPost that she was out of touch with reality before she was killed by lethal injection early Wednesday morning.
Lethal injection can induce a terrifying sensation of drowning that some experts say may be heightened in COVID-19 patients.
The injunction for Wesley Purkey, a 68-year-old who suffers from dementia, comes after the federal government resumed carrying out capital punishment this week.
The Justice Department is now taking its fight to reinstate the federal death penalty up to the Supreme Court.
Charles Russell Rhines died by lethal injection in the 1992 fatal stabbing of Donnivan Schaeffer, despite accusing the jury of anti-gay bias.
Twenty years after being convicted, Michael Samra was put to death by lethal injection.
The host blasted so-called humane options for the death penalty on "Last Week Tonight."