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Showing up may not be half the battle, but it is critical to any movement. Almost exactly three years ago, Texas state legislator
“When asked some time this summer would I consider, I was so focused… on the position of lieutenant governor and winning
Van De Putte hadn't planned on calling out her male colleagues in the Texas state senate when Davis began her filibuster
Watch a clip of Van De Putte's appearance above. "My mom's in her eighties, and what she always told me and my sisters is
Leticia Van de Putte said that the Hobby Lobby ruling means that future generations of women will "be defined by who your boss is."
Grace Garcia was the matriarch of a tight-knit circle of women working to change the face of power in Texas politics.
Patrick gave voters a glimpse of this shift in tone in April during an immigration debate with San Antonio Mayor Julián Castro
DFA announced the endorsement in a Wednesday email to supporters: In the email, DFA highlighted its early endorsement of
Van de Putte will kick off the bus tour Sunday in the Alamo City and is set to wrap up April 7 in Austin after trekking an
LULAC's 17th Annual Legislative Conference and Awards Gala took place in Washington D.C. in February. The conference was
You are to be forgiven if you cannot think of anything that could be called a women's health "legislative achievement" coming out of Texas recently.
"If that is just what this campaign is about, it's not a winning campaign, because it is so much more," she added. In a Thursday
"We're proud of Texas, too, but Texas families deserve better than what they've been getting," Van de Putte said. "Texas
In response, hundreds of protestors attended an open meeting to voice their discontent and pray for the city council to not
People will be talking about Senator Davis' filibuster for many years to come. Those who have made, and will make the trip to the capitol in Austin to make their voices heard, will become politicized forever. They will not forget the energy and solidarity which we have witnessed.
If I were a Texan, and if the anti-choice guys would listen to me or anybody like me, here's what I'd tell them in a nutshell.
If Americans witness their government abusing power, wouldn't you want them to speak up?
Texas state Sen. Leticia Van De Putte (D), one of the lawmakers who stood up and defended Sen. Wendy Davis (D) after Davis
While Wendy Davis's fortitude and conviction won the day for women in Texas, she received a huge assist from fellow Democrat