Letitia James

The joint probe with several other states will look at how the social media giant's market dominance affects user data, consumer choice and the price of ads.
“Under this rule, children will go hungry; families will go without medical care," Letitia James said of the new "public charge" policy.
The National Rifle Association's problems have deepened as its tax-exempt status remains under investigation.
"This type of problematic instruction won’t be tolerated here in New York," state Attorney General Letitia James said.
The state Assembly voted to permit authorities to bring state charges against individuals who have received presidential pardons.
The Trump administration quietly moved to veil identities of big-money contributors to groups like the NRA and the ACLU.
The president urged the National Rifle Association to leave New York, where it faces an investigation into its tax-exempt status.
The state Attorney General issued subpoenas as part of the investigation.
Charity was "little more than a checkbook" for Trump's business and campaign, according to the AG's office.
It seemed to "be the responsible thing to do" said Bernie's wife, Jane Sanders.
Five other states, plus New York City, joined the Empire State's suit.
The New York City official will be the first black woman elected to statewide office in New York.
A onetime left-wing gate-crasher became the establishment Democrats’ pick for state attorney general.
Keep your eyes on the attorney general race among Democrats Zephyr Teachout, Letitia James and Sean Patrick Maloney.
Employers can no longer use a person's salary history against them.
As New Yorkers we must insist that our Government do better. If indeed the City is powerless to prevent its own employees from perpetrating sexual violence on some of the most marginalized people in our communities, than the City simply cannot take people into custody.
As you read this, chances are you've already used one today. Lightweight, durable, and convenient, plastic bags have become a staple of commerce -- so ubiquitous that most cashiers and shopkeepers usually don't even ask if you really need one.