Letitia James

Crisis pregnancy centers are peddling a dangerous, unsafe "reversal" procedure, state Attorney General Letitia James said.
Donald Trump’s lawyer tried to serve up a dig at the New York attorney general.
With just four days left for Trump to come up with $464 million, the attorney general’s office is moving to seize at least one of his real estate holdings.
Andrew Weissmann also suggested the "real issue" behind the former president's struggles to secure bond to appeal his civil fraud conviction.
Trump’s request rests on “unreliable” sources and false claims about previous large financial penalties, according to the attorney general’s office.
Another letter was sent to the New York attorney general who brought the case against the former president and the Trump Organization.
The New York attorney general is doing the math on what the former president owes.
“Donald will not like this,” the former president’s niece said.
The former president was ordered to pay a $355 million fine in his civil fraud lawsuit in New York.