Letitia James

"I walked proudly into Planned Parenthood,” Letitia James told abortion-rights activists. “And I make no apologies to anyone. To no one.”
Fines continue mounting over the ex-president's failure to produce documents for the New York state attorney general's investigation of his business practices.
The former president failed to produce any documents to satisfy a March 31 deadline to meet the terms of a subpoena filed by New York Attorney General Letitia James.
New York Attorney General Letitia James had sought to have the former president held in contempt of court for refusing to provide documents for her probe.
Letitia James argued in court papers that Trump should be fined after he missed a deadline to turn in documents central to an investigation into his organization.
Last month, the NFL changed what is known as the “Rooney Rule,” designed to ensure more opportunities for women and racial minorities.
Cuomo resigned after an independent probe found he sexually harassed nearly a dozen women and that he and aides worked to retaliate against an accuser.
Trump boasted about all he knows regarding his business — after his attorneys argued in court documents that he's clueless about questionable practices.
“The mob takes the Fifth,” Trump once told a campaign crowd in Iowa when running for president.