letter to santa

I love you, Santa. Have a very, very Merry Christmas! Good luck making all those presents, dear friend. My little sister's counting on you.
I will take care of the presents under the tree but when you pop down our chimney on Christmas Eve if you could place in our stockings a certain santa-je-ne-sais-quoi that fills each of us with the desire and ability to be our kindest, best, most generous selves every day that would be the greatest gift of all.
My name Is Jennifer Sara Glantz. You may scratch your head in fatigue and wonder about why my name does not sound familiar, or why you've never seen my name on a naughty or a nice list.
She had organized the presentation by "most wanted," "nice to have" and "I'd love but not really necessary." She also listed stores and price points. I've had college interns with less refined skills.