letters to santa

The letter from Mark Twain (real name Sam Clemens) to his toddler Susie is a holiday classic in our family. Reading it aloud has become an annual tradition, and if you celebrate Christmas and Santa's generosity to well-behaved youngsters, I predict reading it will become a tradition in your family, too.
For every letter that Macy's receives, they will donate $1 to the Make-A-Wish foundation up to $1,000,000. On December 11
Officially launched as a nonprofit in 2006, There Really Is a Santa recorded its biggest holiday season last year, helping
Proud mama, Jershua Chicoine, told The Huffington Post in an email that Brody especially needed Santa to know about what
This year they will be joined by Saturday Night Live cast members Mike O'Brien and Cecily Strong, who are both Second City
The Postal Service may no longer deliver letters on Saturdays, but that doesn't mean its services are not important. In fact
My Dearest Santa, I'm told that "clean urine" is available on the black market. Would you be a doll and leave some in my stocking? -Lindsay Lohan
Has your child drawn or written something adorable? Send a photo to parents@huffingtonpost.com and it may be featured as
What do you say to a kid who asks for something you can't give? So what do you say when your kids ask for something impossible
Operation Santa volunteers have even included prison inmates who saw the program on TV and wanted to get involved. "That’s
****** We couldn't agree more. So HuffPost has joined with Laurie and every Friday afternoon, just in time for dinner, our
The Chicago post office says 8,000 letters to Santa are in the lobby of the main postal facility on Harrison Street, waiting
Christmas is a magic time for most kids and many others in our community. Let's work together to insure it is a magic time for all kids young and old. Remember, you can make a difference (M.A.D.)!
At this time of year, plenty of kids are writing letters to Santa, describing everything they want for Christmas in adorable
With no where to turn, Pfeiffer wrote an emotional letter to Santa -- published in her local newspaper -- asking for one
WATCH: NBC Nightly News went behind the scenes at Operation Santa in New York City. Local volunteers also pitch in, offering
Thousands of children across the country send letters to Santa Claus every year with their Christmas wishes. But lately, some