lev parnas

Parnas pleaded guilty to defrauding investors in a company supposedly created to prevent people from being defrauded.
Igor Fruman, who aided Giuliani in seeking information on Joe Biden, was sentenced to a year and a day in prison.
Parnas was convicted of illegally funneling money from a Russian financier to U.S. politicians, among other things.
Rudy Giuliani told him "on several occasions that he spoke to Lindsey Graham about the situation, that Lindsey was always aware,” Parnas told Anderson Cooper.
"Truth is a defense," snaps the California Democratic congressman.
Texts link the Ukraine pressure scheme to the office of the top GOP congressman on the House Intelligence Committee before the impeachment hearings.
The "Daily Show" host had an apt analogy for just how spicy Lev Parnas' revelations are.
The indicted former associate of Rudy Giuliani compared the president to a "cult leader" who's been bolstered by his attorney general.
Ukrainian police have opened an investigation into the possible illegal surveillance of Marie Yovanovitch before her removal.
The associate of Rudy Giuliani has given a bombshell interview on TV, directly implicated President Donald Trump in the plot to force Ukraine to smear Joe Biden.