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Trekkies are catching feels over the dinner photograph that Marina Sirtis shared.
The game show host said his chances of staying were “50-50” and hinted someone lesser-known like Alex Faust or Laura Coates could take over.
No, the "Star Trek" actor doesn't have sons who play basketball in L.A.
"Levar? You think when the cow says 'Moo,' he's really saying, 'Mooon'?"
Turns out he might have been the wrong person to ask for a reboot this whole time.
Take a look, it's in a book ... and wherever you get your podcasts!
For Burton, more significant than the show's longevity are the number of adults who credit Reading Rainbow with imparting
Encouragement from Forest Whitaker and LeVar Burton helped him nail the scene in the end.
Whereupon, the haranguing continued with, "How are you famous?" His interlocutor said, "I don't know that show." But I continued
There's no set date yet for when the new "Roots" will air.
“Roots,” one of the biggest events in television history, is coming back to the small screen.
Everyone's favorite childhood program, Reading Rainbow, has released a Martin Luther King video just in time for the civil
This year’s honorees will be celebrated at Ebony’s Power 100 Gala on Wednesday in Los Angeles, including music legend Quincy