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The former "Reading Rainbow" host said banned books are "where the good stuff is."
The veteran actor claims “'the fix was in" when it came to picking a host to succeed Alex Trebek.
In a "Daily Show" skit, the "Reading Rainbow" icon urges youngsters to seek out several controversial titles even as he's blocked from doing so himself.
The former "Reading Rainbow" host says the Bee represents “the inspirational, aspirational ideal of education.”
The actor and "Reading Rainbow" icon has signed on to host a TV adaptation of Trivial Pursuit, which he'll also executive produce.
"I almost dropped out of graduate school three times. But I didn’t. One thing that kept me going was something I’d learned from 'Reading Rainbow.'"
The "Reading Rainbow" icon learned that the gig "wasn't the thing that I wanted after all," but is nonetheless grateful for the opportunities now coming his way.
The "Reading Rainbow" icon's wholesome weekend greeting had some fans searching for subtext.
Mike Richards, who joined “Jeopardy!” as executive producer last year, will be the new host. Mayim Bialik will host spinoff specials.
Former executive producer Mike Richards and actor Mayim Bialik will take on hosting duties for the program and its spinoff specials, respectively.