Pinchas' act of zealotry in Numbers chapter 25 earns him the priesthood. But it also casts new light on a prior scene involving his tribe of Levi and the tribe of Shimon back in Genesis chapter 34.
It's official: Levi Johnston will show full-frontal nudity in his November Playgirl spread. "Everything's gonna hang out
What it is about is civility, rules and respect. It's not that hard. Wait your turn. Watch the clock. Don't take more than you can use. Think about someone - anyone - other than yourself.
Vanity Fair has posted behind-the-scenes video from their photo shoot with Levi Johnston to accompany their October 2009
When it comes to taking responsibility for her failures, Sarah Palin is completely unaccountable. Her finger is always pointed at the most convenient scapegoat.
I think that if I run against Hilary in 2012, it will be a landslide victory for me. I mean, what does she know that I don't
It is clear at this point that there is absolutely no love lost between Alaska Governor Sarah Palin and Levi Johnston. To
This already started last night. So far, the media has picked up on the "Bridge To Nowhere" story being a complete fabrication
(Memo to the lad: DON'T SIGN ANYTHING. Pre-nup schmee-nup. YOU'RE in the driver's seat, d00d. Make 'em pay.) Inside John