Advocates say the December 2017 homicides highlight the increase in violence against LGBTQ communities.
The upcoming Supreme Court case will decide whether big corporations can use arbitration clauses to take away workers’ rights to band together to challenge employer wrongdoing in court.
"Almost all of this will slowly come out as more investigations happen," the rep said.
This guy worked as Donald Trump's campaign manager for over a year.
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Georgia Congressman John Lewis attends San Diego Comic Con, promote March, the graphic novel trilogy he co-wrote about the civil rights movement.
Last night, when he didn't have to do so, he demonstrated which side he is on.
John Lewis Delivers Message To People Who Say 'Nothing Has Changed'
He called on Congress to fix the Voting Rights Act after the Court invalidated the provision requiring Southern states with
Lewis: SCOTUS 'Stabbed The Voting Rights Act Of 1965 In Its Very Heart'