lgbt clothing

"By offering other women and genderqueer individuals more options to match their outside with their inside, we hope more people will have the confidence to be their authentic selves."
"Recognizing that queer style is not fully represented by masculinity or the dandy trend, we wanted to include a broader, more diverse range of queer identities and styles on the runway for New York Fashion Week."
How is this initiative uniquely personal to you? Having shoes that finally fit me in both style and size was life-changing
In order to better understand Sharpe Suiting and what its founders are trying to accomplish, The Huffington Post chatted
Head here to check out the HauteButch Kickstarter. What kinds of clothing will you produce? Currently we are producing a
From the mind of designer Steven B. Wheeler comes Gay Jeans -- jeans that actually become "gayer" as you wear them more and
Winter may soon be (hopefully?) waning but that doesn't mean it's time to bust out the tank tops and cut-off shorts quite