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"I’ve described myself and my act as the Robyn of comedy."
"It's recently come to me attention that I am mo-del."
Watch the video above as Esposito proves no question is too personal -- or too stupid -- for her to offer an answer and then
Comedian and queer icon Margaret Cho sat down with MAKERS this week for a revealing new interview in which she discusses
McCormick hopes his show will break down homophobic stereotypes and a portion of the proceeds from his tour will help LGBT
On this week's episode of Gwissues, we learn that outside major metropolitan cities, gay comics have a huge following, all yearning for a good laugh. I spend time with several of the most successful and funny gays in America, including Erin Foley, Dave Rubin and Alec Mapa.
She was also referenced in the 1995 queer favorite "To Wong Foo, Thanks for Everything! Julie Newmar," starring Wesley Snipes
This year's LGBT ComedyFest will bring four comedians from California and New York to Dearborn's Ford Community and Performing
It's not easy being gay in America, and even harder in Nashville, due to the homophobic climate. So I've been asked by several people in Nashville, "Why would you do a show like Girls Who Like Boys Who Like Boys?"