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Cindy Barshop said her 9-year-old, Jesse, had a "poignant" response to comments about trans kids made by Lopez, who has since apologized.
Lawmakers and media personalities remade "You Need To Calm Down" in response to a rise in homophobia and transphobia in Poland.
“There are plenty of reasons to eat cake,” writer Jenna Karvunidis said. “You can pick one that doesn’t reinforce an attitude of harm toward members of the LGBTQ community.”
The body-positive activist opened up about her relationship to her own queerness in the July issue of Nylon magazine.
These photos of loving parents at Pride events are very moving.
In "What Happened After Stonewall," the “Amazing Race” star and activist looks back on the "passionate revolutionaries" who fought for equality.
The singer laid into the Russian president, who claimed his country had no problems with gays, even though "Rocketman" was heavily censored.
Following the release of the short documentary feature “Here For This Reason,” Stanley Stellar sits down with Caroline Modarressy-Tehrani to discuss photographing decades of gay life in New York City.
"This is who we are. This is what life looked like," explains photographer Stanley Stellar.
The Indiana religious school discriminates against LGBTQ people while receiving millions in taxpayer dollars.
The actor, soon to be seen in Netflix's "Locke & Key," said accepting his authentic self “took me years” and remains an “ongoing” process.
From Burberry to Chanel, these designers have shown their support for the queer community at their fashion shows.
"The Notebook" author released a statement after emails surfaced appearing to back at least some allegations of racism and homophobia made against him.
A former reverend and sex ethicist, Ambrose is teaching the LGBTQ folk how to reconcile their sexuality with their spirituality.
With the addition of a new campus for youth and seniors, the Los Angeles LGBT Center is breaking new ground and serving the most vulnerable.
Khawla Ben Aïcha wants to amend sodomy laws used against gay Tunisians.
Michael Lolis is the first and only cop in the country to publicly come out as gay.
Soshi Matsuoka campaigns to change LGBTQ portrayal in the media.
“K-Pop of the human rights movement" strikes a chord in a conservative country.